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Kamis, November 27, 2008

The Utterances of The 2nd Quality of Mathematics, Mathematics Education, and Mathematics Learning

Supervisor: Dr. Marsigit

The utterances are:
Concept, structure, superserve,subserve, intuition, apodictic, idea, sense, empirical, judgment, analitic, synthetic, abstraction, idealization, architectonic, isomorphic, analog, critical, value, ontological, epistemological, internal, external, trancendent, construct, apriory, aposteriory, school, limit, subjective, objective, characters, nil/nothing, detemint, subject, object, predicate, right, wrong, coherent, corespondention, absolute, relative, fallibist, monism, pluralism, formal, material, normative, actual, potential, teleology, ampibol, ambivalent, contradiction, anomaly, induction, deduction, hermeneutics, phenomenology, develop, hologram, antonomy, paralogisism.

2 komentar:

Dr. Marsigit M.A. mengatakan...

For the next Tuesday, I am considering to prepare questions about my utterances related to 2nd quality of teaching learning of mathematics. So please learn them all. If you still do not understand them please be free to ask and inform me what are they. Also inform your classmate about this. (Marsigit)

Myaghnee mengatakan...

Yes, i'll inform it to my classmate. I'll learn the utterances, i still don't understand some of them. I'll ask u later.