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Kamis, November 27, 2008

New Task from Mr.M

I have a special lecturer, he is Dr. Marsigit and i give him a special name "Mr.M".
I can't guess what he will doing-acting-questing-surprising in R.209. He was succesfully make his students teacher in sensation of pulse beat.
But, i get so much useful knowledges and informations from him. It's like his task for us this day. His task is a blog which must make in a week. I think this is a good challenge for everybody who want to be reach the 2nd quality. It seem difficult but if we try to do his task, the difficult thing isn't a problem anymore. I do what i can.
So, i allways waiting for his lectures.
Thanks Mr.M.

2 komentar:

Dr. Marsigit M.A. mengatakan...

Thanks for your called me Mr.M. So really ICT can be yours. Now you have just been starting to come forward to post your ideas. Other people would like to be happy to hear and read your experience. You are the one. Means unique. Your uniqueness is your value. So your contribution is also important to build our world. World of mathematics education. Have a nice blog (Marsigit)

Myaghnee mengatakan...

Thank for your visit to my simple blog. Insya Allah, i'll try to write and share my ideas and information to the others.
Please forgive my posting about you if it makes you unhappy.